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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brass knuckles

Since there's no controversy about violent video games, and violence and video games, of course Electronic Arts figured it would be a great idea to send out brass knuckles with the promo material for Godfather II.

That's like bungee-jumping using a length of iron chain, you know, to prove it's safe - or some other staggering, self-harming non-sequitur.

As a promotional item, it would come from their marketing department, so we must assume that the marketing department hasn't read a newspaper or watched any TV in, oh, the last ten years or so. Leastways, nothing about - you know - games.

Now EA is trying to take the things back. Turns out that possession of them is a crime in a lot of places in the USA. Sending them across state lines, too. Of course, if they're trying to get people to send them back, are they not now inciting the recipients to break the law by sending the items across state lines a second time?

What the heck was anyone thinking?


  1. Next time just pack a gun in there. Sheesh!

  2. It could have been worse.

    I suppose the cost of postage for mailing a horse head would have been prohibitive.


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