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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tagged - eight very random things

A few people tagged me for this. I'm just a touch reluctant - so I'm going to go partway on this

  1. I always know where North is. I just do. Paradoxically, when I'm north of the Equator, East and West get switched around in my head. I still know that North is that way, but suddenly my sense of East and West get reversed, even though I intellectually know where they should be. Bits of my subconscious panic a little about the Sun rising in what feels like the West. I ignore them.
  2. I've been involved with the Internet since September 1978. It's older than that, sure, but that's when I got into things.
  3. I smell like copper, zinc and sodium.
  4. I'm allergic to vitamin D. In any quantity it makes me headachey and nauseous. Also allergic to soy, and soy products, fish, and seafood.
  5. I mostly stick to Genetically Modified foods, as my body has trouble handling the high toxicity levels of Organics.
  6. I have a hyperactive immune system, and I heal very, very quickly. Creepily quickly. I shrug off tetanus and other such wimpy infections. Broken bones are a short-term inconvenience - unless one doesn't set right, then I'll catch it next time around.
  7. I'm not a fan. Not in the sense that you think of when you think "Oh, they're a fan". Not like that. I am mildly keen about things. Or very keen for very short periods of time. Being keen about something generally doesn't interfere with more important stuff. If my favourite author releases a new book - I can wait until it comes out in paperback. A film? I can generally wait for it to show up on TV or DVD. I like stuff, but it's not consuming. I am not passionate about much of anything - but I often like being around people who are.
  8. I like Japanese horror games. Forbidden Siren, Fatal Frame, et al.

I'm not going to come up with a list of eight others. Many of them have already been tagged.

Jacek! I choose you! Also, anyone else who wants to play but hasn't been tagged, feel free to assume that I tagged you.

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