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Friday, August 10, 2007

Sick cat

Cat is on the way to a 24hr vet now.


  • Distressed howl from hallway. Cat was hardly standing, legs splayed, legs bent.
  • Head shaking, obviously disoriented.
  • Eyes flicking left and right, rapidly. Not tracking on external object, pupils fully dilated.
  • Not responsive to external stimuli.

If it was a human, I'd say one too many of the wrong kind of pills. By the time we'd phoned the animal hospital and the vets she was more responsive, but still disoriented and lethargic, and had thrown up.

She's in the cage and should be arriving at the vet in a few minutes from now.

Update: Cat is spending the night at the vet for observation. Tests are being done. Appears to be neurological, but there are other conditions with similar symptoms.

Vet: "It's either very minor or very, very serious."


She seems okay. No further problem while she was with the vet. Potassium levels slightly low, glucose levels a bit high. Neither of them indicative of much of anything.

It's possible that she's become intolerant of her arthritis medication - the seizure may have been an allergic reaction. She's back to her usual self, pretty much, though a bit grumpy about all the tumult.

We talk to our regular vet over the next couple days, keep her off the medication and see what happens.


  1. Shawk7:25 AM

    Hopefully a speedy recovery is in the cards.

    You might have a look around to see if the poor dear managed to get into some household cleaner or pest control substance, that does sound like a human drug reaction.

  2. I hope your cat feels better and all is well.

  3. Oh god, I love cats--have two myself--and know the distress of watching a sick animal. Crossing my fingers she just hacked up the bad stuff and will come through just fine...

  4. I've been there, with the older of our two cats, Star. Fortunately, what she has is a thyroid problem which is 100% treatable. Here's hoping your baby will be all right, too.

  5. Ceeq Laborde8:39 AM

    Hope she gets well soon

  6. Anonymous10:21 AM

    What a cute cat. I hope the morning report from the vet is positive.

  7. Cat's are tough and quick healers (it's the purring). I hope all's well now! Cute kitty!

  8. I'm so happy that it looks like the kitty will be OK. It sounds like she still needs some TLC and followup, but you sound like a great kitty-mommy! She reminds me of the cat I had in high school (the only difference seems to be that mine had much longer hair but the grey and white is dead on).

    I gave my kitty some extra cuddles last night because I'm so happy that she is healthy. Us cat people stick together!


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