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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sorry, Bunny

You've had one of those days, right? One damned thing after another. 'A series of unfortunate events' as one might say.

What you need - what you really need is some quiet time. Time to master your own head and the emotions inside you.

I sat in Second Life and tried that. What I needed was far from what I got. You wouldn't believe it. Truly. Interruptions, in both Second Life and in the physical world. A thing. Another thing. An unexpected drop in from an avatar. The phone. A crash necessitating a reboot. Another unexpected dropin from a visitor. A remote-controlled scripted device.

No peace to be had. More mounting frustration, than anything.

And then Bunny Linden arrived to spread some Easter cheer.

I'm sorry, Bunny. Bad timing, and not your fault. Don't feel bad. It was nothing you could have predicted.

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