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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Public speaking

Well, I've turned down my fourth invitation to speak about virtual worlds and Second Life at a conference this year. Crazy that the fact that I can't be there in the flesh is a barrier to participating in a conference about virtual worlds.

No keynote for you, sorry.


  1. What about machinimaking a keynote speech ? e.g. use your avatar + CrazyTalk

  2. Heiko2:26 AM

    or even live with a VoIP connection and a camera Avatar.

  3. The last time I made a public presentation was as my avatar, appearing on the big screen. Jade Lily and I took questions that were relayed by a typist, logged in with us, and we stood in front of the crowed and typed back our responses. On the whole it actually worked quite well.

  4. It seems to me that conferences about virtual worlds would be EXCITED to have a keynote speaker appear virtually. "In the flesh" appearances are so...20th century...

  5. Maybe they don't want to set a precedent.
    Like if they had a conference, everybody wanted to come as their avatars.

  6. Shockwave makes a good point - the conference organizers are trying to make money from the fact that people want to attend in-person. If the attendees feel that they can just as effectively meet in-world then why bother paying for the conference and travel? :)


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