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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fourth anniversary of Second Life - Second call

I'm not kidding about this, you know. If you want to be the organiser of Second Life's fourth Anniversary, you really need to start getting ... you know ... organised. Soon.

There's a lot of work, and a lot of preliminaries that you really need to get sorted out months in advance, otherwise it just makes for more work and poor results.

Who is up for it? How about someone who didn't appreciate the way I did it last year? Anyone?


  1. I think they want you to organise it :-D

    I can lend a hand with regards to organisation via the SL Wiki if you'd like.

    I've added creating a draft of the organisation point for SL4B to My to-do list

  2. Axi Ayres9:18 PM

    Can I do it?
    How would the organizer take the job? Just by saying "Ok, I'm now the organizer. Go do such-and-such."?

  3. Sure thing. A big part of the job is figuring out how to do it. Last year's experiences aren't going to be all that useful. Lots of things have changed this year - not the least being the population.

    Basically, you're planning a 168 hour party for a few hundred thousand people, plus marketing/promotions, events, and community-cross-promotion. Your resources are whatever you've got or can get.

    Given the deafening silence from everyone else, I'm guessing it's up to you if you want it.

  4. Axi Ayres10:19 PM

    Sorry, this is kind of off topic, but I can't seem to log in to the wiki. My account is fairly new--does it need to be a certain age to get in?

  5. The second life wiki? You'll have to talk to support@secondlife.com about that. It's only very new, so we don't know a lot about how it integrates with SL's authentication systems.

  6. My experiments with the authentication integration have revealed the following:

    1) Your account does not exist on the SL wiki until you have logged into it.
    2) You can change your SL Wiki password via https://secondlife.com/account/password.php
    3) Changing your SL Wiki password via the SL Wiki does not change your password for Second Life itself
    4) Some people haven't been able to log in, and as Tateru advises, contact support@secondlife.com with regards to the issue.

    If you'd like to make a post on the Wiki while you can't log in, IM me in-world and I'll do so on your behalf.

    The draft has been created and is held in my sandbox btw.


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