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Monday, January 08, 2007

Comic - Prim-Evil 2

Bob's back. :)


  1. LOL

    or more like CACKLE :-D

    I think you made me scare the crap out of my neighbours :-D

    Great use of box-head syndrome as a plot device :-P

    Nice to see you're moving towards plot-based comics- perhaps our recent collaboration stirred up some extra creativity within you ? :-)

  2. talon s.7:46 AM

    LMAO. You've done it now Tateru. We're going to beg you mercilessly to keep Bob alive.

  3. Bob's got at least two more strips to go in this cycle, when I can sit long enough to do them.

  4. How do these things happen?

    Next time I'll just scream that it's an invasion. Of sentient cube prims!


  5. Hee! Story arc! Rock on!

  6. Good gosh, how did you get the panicky avatar's legs so well split in that last picture? If it's a pose, it's a really well-fitting one!

  7. Heh, I can see why you might not recognize the pose... He's not naked! I love how the same pose can look so different simply by changing the viewing angle. SL poses are like full-body Noh masks.

  8. Mori's right. This is the same pose as I've used for a number of things (the no nudity sign, and the nude gunman in an earlier strip).

    I'll dig out the name. Camera angles and terrain angles make all the difference.


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