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Friday, December 22, 2006

Comic - Rough Neighbourhood

Happy holidays, everyone.


  1. My reaction is the same as Frans. I'm speechless! o.O

  2. Um...yow?!?! :-)

    /me crosses the Nestor slums off his list of places to visit...

  3. Ah, I don't get it. Is Nestor really that bad a sim to be in?

    Just askin...

  4. No, the actual place name isn't relevant to the joke.

  5. So *that* explains why I saw you in a different outfit the other day!

  6. I didn't realize how much those dresses you wear, make your bum look bigger.

  7. So the question: "Does this dress make my ass look big?" is a valid one.

  8. True. I keep two different shapes, based on the advice of someone older and wiser than myself.

    One shape that's decidedly flat in the posterior, that I use for dresses and skirts, to stop them ballooning out behind me like a trailer park.

    The other is more true-to-life, used for any other clothing. Some days, like the time I was shooting this strip, I forget to switch between them :)


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