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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's going on?

So - you might well wonder - what's going on with the Tat?

Well, for starters, there's all the writing I've been doing over at SL Insider. Not always very successfully, but I'm working on improving. Particularly interviewing - that's a whole lot harder than it looks. Asking a whole bunch of questions that other people thought up, and then slapping the log down isn't exactly the acme of style. Still ... getting better. Maybe in a couple hundred years or so, I'll graduate to adequate.

There's also the New World Numbers monthly column at New World Notes. They're fun to do, particularly because the article I end up with is never the one I actually sat down to write. I realise and connect a lot of stuff along the way, and after a few drafts, it's really quite a different journey to the one I'd anticipated. And I always thought poking around among piles of numbers was a bit dull. Go figure.

I'm doing some other work - stuff I'm not going to talk about. Confidentiality and all that. No, it's nothing exciting or mysterious. If only it involved dinner with Wil Wheaton or something. Yeah, if only. I'd settle for Judith Lucy, though. I'm just saying.

Cat and Girl

Add to that a dose of self-discovery. Self-discovery sucks, incidentally. You almost never find out anything nice. Just a list of things that need to be done or fixed. This post is one of those. Oh, the cartoon above? Nothing to do with that self-discovery stuff.

Also a lot of overall life-changes. Soon as I figure out what those even are, I'll say something. Unless it violates someone's privacy, in which case I won't.

Yeah, so there. We're all pretty much done here today. Hope you and yours are well.


  1. The Ladies Lounge was the best show on JJJ.

    Sad how Helen Razor was forced off by a stalker.

  2. I know how the stalker thing can be, alas.

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Tateru Nino said..."I know how the stalker thing can be, alas."

    Eep! Could she possibly be talking about me??? *giggles*

  4. Jennifer McLuhan7:06 PM


  5. Hi Tat, the article looks lovely. Thought I'd comment here as I seem to keep crashing or losing enough packets in SL to be unable to do anything at present. Don't know if its the roommate's new router or SL (both happened at the same time).

  6. Don't let Tati's modesty fool you all; she's doing wonderful work on SLI, and with each post she justifies my bringing her on!


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