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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The other Tateru Nino

On the Internet everyone knows you're a dog.
This charming pup, owned by Showdog Tiger is named Tateru Nino. I think it's possible that she's even more of a bitch than I am :)

Baby photos are so cute - when there's no actual human babies involved.


  1. The RL person behind Danielle raises guinea pigs...and she actually named one of her piggies "Erbo." I was very honored.

    Unfortunately, Erbo the guinea pig died of unknown causes...which was kind of sad. My poor little namesake...

  2. Awww. <3 What a cute doggy. The only time they are cute is when they're in a photo, though.

    @Erbo: I have a guinea pig! They're the best. :D

  3. I almost had a cat named after me... once.


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