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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Light, Lighter, Lightest and Heavy, Heavier and Heaviest

The whale is (light/heavy).
The balloon is (light/heavy).

Ever do something that you think will be a relief, take the weight off, and make your heart lighter - and then you find that instead it weighs you down, and is distracting.

Ever have that happen?


  1. Sitting down in front of the PC for several hours an evening in an attempt to use the tools in Second Life, and a paint program, to make enough money in SL to cover my tier. SL quickly turned into a job which I need a vacation from.

  2. *hums to herself* Everything old is new again, everything under the sun. Do do do.

  3. This has definitely happened to me: sometimes when I was a poor judge of character helping someone, and they turned out to have unsavory connections, did a bad deed, and ended pulling me under the water too. Guilty by association, as they say. Ugh.


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