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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Maybe a million

According to the numbers, SL hit a million signups between 2006-10-18T16:00UTC and 2006-10-18T23:07UTC.

Umm. That's 38,402 signups in seven hours (or 5,486 signups per hour, up from the last two week's 400 signups per hour). Something's feeling a little implausible there.

Either we have the largest rush of new residents ever (which could be explained by the psychology of the magic million) or something's cockeyed with the numbers, or maybe there's some media event that's caught everyone's attention. If it's the former, we can hardly expect this rate of growth to slow down any time soon.

Okay, there was coverage on the front page of Yahoo. So, a 24 hour period gave us an unprecedented 46,344 new signups.

Not unnaturally, this has rather biased the inworld balance of population. Several residents I spoke to said that I was the first person they'd seen who had not signed up fresh today.

That's more signups yesterday than we had total population at approximately this time last year. There were 42,000 when I joined SL 14 months ago.


  1. Garn C4:50 PM

    yeahoo hosted SL on its main page yesterday from what i heard

  2. Possibly not relevant but the Computing UK magazine get delived free to some IT companies

    It has and article on SL


  3. starcomber Vig6:52 AM

    200K in 2 weeks makes it quite interesting, I can confirm to you that fast redistribution of SL age/behavious is very visible. Even non-mentors may end up having to do that for a while.


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