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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, peak concurrency has not only tipped over 11k, but we've spend a reasonable part of the day around that mark today.

The actual peak concurrency is interesting, but not quite as interesting as the mean and median, both of which have been above 8,000 (lowest 8,276 mean) for the last couple days.

What does that mean? That means more people, spending more hours. If people aren't spending a lot of time inworld, that means a lot more people. We're talking about a smaller increase, if they're spending more hours per day - but either case is interesting. More people spending time in SL, or people having more reasons to spend time. Either of those equates to a win for the residents.

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  1. Kinthiri Nosferatu6:25 PM

    One thing I have noticed is that there are now a lot more people that are camping for hours upon hours. In fact, one of the malls I have a stall in has added over 50 camping pads of late and they're almost constantly full of people all under 30 days old.

    I think this might have a very significant impact on your statistics.


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