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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Teach Like A Pirate Day

In deference to general educational principles the class itself was not held in pirate talk.
Much. :)


  1. :O darn that woulda been something to see ARRRR hehe *huggers* cya soon

  2. So sexy... who knew I had a hidden pirate lass fetish?

  3. Nice outfit Tat!

    Akela you just have a WOMAN Fetish in general! :-)

  4. Shockwave Plasma5:56 AM

    I hope we can get a few more people to the piratesofsl battles, if they ever start again :-(

    It's just tempting to ask what Akela doesn't have a fetish for.

  5. Very nice...the hat actually fits well with your outfit. You look like you should be on the bridge of a pirate ship...

    Now all we need are some frigates and a big enough stretch of ocean for them to sail and fire broadsides at each other. ("All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by...")

  6. Shockwave Plasma11:54 AM

    Ummm.. Erbo, thats what we do in PiratesofSL, Ships, cannons scantily clad pirates waving their cutlasses about, that sort of stuff.

  7. You had me at 'scantily clad'. And when did this turn into 'Bag on Akela Blog'?

  8. Shockwave Plasma5:12 AM

    **Shockwave pats Akela on the head, massages Akelas shoulders, and fluffs up his tail, to make him feel better **

    ** Runs away **

  9. Those battles would be interesting to see, Shockwave, particularly if the ships are also employing appropriate period combat tactics: favorable wind gauge, "crossing the T," and so forth...

  10. Noooo, come back Shockyyyyyyyy!


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