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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pardon the dust

Sorry about the mess, and mind you don't fall over anything. Upgrading to blogger beta - and things are still a little disarrayed. Be thou not dismayed unduly.


  1. Just a requesting an answer to a ponderance: "Why did Tateru choose Blogger as her chosen blogging platform"

  2. It was there, and it was easy. If generally bang an entry out pretty quickly - about a hundred or so words per minute.

    I'm displeased with any overhead that gets between me and the writing, and blogger only adds an average of about 6 seconds to the time it takes me to hammer out the wordage.

  3. Supplemental: Most of the other blogs I read on a day-to-day basis were already here.

  4. I was considering switching to the beta... How do you like it so far? Any nifty neat new features?

  5. The layout editor seems alright (though apparently I can't directly hand modify the template yet - which is a pest). Having more feed options is nice. As yet, nothing to write home about.

    Oh, labels (or tags, if you will). A nice option.

  6. I started out blogging on Blogger, for similar reasons. But then, like I am irrationally drawn to ATOM, Electronica, Anime and Second Life, I was drawn to WordPress. The process and reasons for my moving are probably found easier in my blog and/or my first wordpress blog.

    I am irrationally drawn to things and I don't understand at all why sometimes. Like why on earth I purchased that Kelly Osbourne CD o_O


    subliminal messaging I swear.

  7. Hehe, hope it works out for you. I started on LiveJournal, which was good, and fast with a big SL community, but it's a little less than professional in layout. A bit like Myspace... Still the friends aggregator is pretty cool.

    I tried Blogger, but found it to be the slowest I ever tried, obviously a lot different to your experience, Tat.

    Now, I'm on Wordpress, which is pretty cool.


  8. Blogger works well enough for my purposes, but it does get stupid at times. I picked it because of friends who already used it...and because I had to register with it anyway.


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