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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guest strip

I did a guest strip for Plywood yesterday. Had the creative Spark, and had to use it.


  1. Lindenbuck rules!

  2. Garn Conover5:04 PM

    hahahaha i loved that hun, great name ideas *nods*

  3. I want to be a Gorean Master--the Tat kind, anyway.

    MORE CARTOONS MOMMA TAT!!! Heck, after being handed links by you to other peeps's toonage, it's about time I see yours!!!

  4. Tekkie-Wiki is rad! :D

  5. Awww I was such a fun of Plywood Comic... I'm really sorry that Nathan and Monica decided not to continue the series...

    I *loved* the Return of Genderman — LOL! It seems that you have another hidden talent we never suspected, Tateru — and I hope you'll get Nathan & Monica's permission to continue to do the series ;)

    Hehe... this was fun... people get soo serious sometimes ;)

  6. I never suspected it either. I'd never done a comic before. But the script idea was too much fun to pass up.

  7. Hmmm. Hopefully this heralds a continuation of Plywood in some form or the other, or some webcomic-style rants from Momma Tat.

    Momma Tat has a great sense of humour :-)

  8. Sky McGann5:53 PM

    It's the first I've seen this (8/19/06) and don't know when it was posted originally, but I haven't laughed that hard in ages!!!

  9. You rule!!! And so does genderman ;-)

  10. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Very neat. I take it they didn't have Neko's in the FIC? :)


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