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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to the cages

Cage-guns seem to be back on the menu.

Sure, push-weapons and orbiters have been the gizmo of choice for griefers and louts for a while now. Pretty much because of such a good cost/benefit ratio. Minimum effort for maximum annoyance.

Since push-restrictions became available, a pretty large chunk of the grid has gone the no-push route, destroying the usefulness of push-weapons and orbiters (though you'll still find one or two hopeful push-snipers hanging around push-enabled parcels waiting to orbit the first person to venture onto or over the unsafe land).

Suddenly the cage-gun is back, becoming the tool of choice for the lazy inconsiderate griefer.

It'd be interesting to see if there's any significant evolution in griefertech, but honestly - it's not hugely likely, unless the cost of griefing with existing tools becomes too high.


  1. I'm hoping this is balanced by Volunteers informing newbies how to "sit" to get through a solid object.

    One advance in griefer tech I'm predicting is the use of camera tracking to obscure the victim's view with porn from the internet. Or other unwanted spammage.

  2. Cage gun! One av enters, one griefer leaves! Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! The price of admission is for the entire seat, but you'll only need the EDGE! If you miss this, you better be in prison! And if you're in prison, BREAK OUT!


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