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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Being that it's Liaison Appreciation Week, I wanted to send a little present on. Nothing like what you'd call special, but something to show my thanks. Most of you know that I'm big on appreciating liaisons, already.

Well, Kenny Linden was next on my list. SEARCH > PEOPLE ... Umm. What?

Turns out Kenny's gone.

Well, burning curiousity aside, I wouldn't ask - and if I did, likely nobody would tell me anyway. His business is his business.

Well - I've got a few things to say. Things I'd like to say to Kenny directly - but that's no longer possible. Superman has doffed the red-and-blue figure-hugging body-stocking, put on his tie and glasses and returned to being Clark Kent. I can only hope there's a Lois Lane or Lana Lang in it for him.

In the absence of any more direct form of communication...

Occasional disagreements and misunderstandings notwithstanding, it's been a singular pleasure working with you, and watching you ride to the rescue day after day. You will be missed, and I believe that you made a good and significant contribution to SL as Kenny Linden, and that you'll still be a positive force in your alter-ego.

I don't know if this will get to you, but I hope it does.

I think well of you, for what it's worth, and so do others - although not everyone might think to say so.

Thank you for your service to us, the community. For saving the day, time after time. For wrestling with hundreds of IM tabs. For being understanding. For putting up with one or two of my more spectacularly foolish errors.

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  1. Kenny, if for a while, was a Linden handling the Volunteers, who despite probably having a similar workload to the rest of the liasons as well as handling the Volunteers was actually reachable on a regular basis (putting him on a par with Torley if you think about it)

    It takes a dedicated individual to keep up that level of work, no matter how long the period of work is.


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