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Thursday, June 22, 2006

In the kitchen

A lot of you are wondering, and asking why you're not seeing me at the anniversary celebration, except for the briefest errands.

Well, I've used way too much bandwidth on the planning and organisation. I've got to conserve, otherwise I won't make it until the end of the month. No, there's no way for me to get more.

So I'll be stuck away from people and places mostly for much of the next week. Besides, I'm stuck in IMs mostly on background organisation, keeping things working.

So, for now, I'm working in the kitchen until the party is done and cleaned up.

Get out there and enjoy it. You are the ones who will ultimately make it worthwhile or a waste.


  1. You've made something I hope you'll feel proud of; I just posted on Mera's blog telling her that everyone's work has been incredible. Thank you for caring enough about our community to do something wonderful for us!

  2. Soon, are we gonna be talkin' to Cardboard Tat? Tat, yer like the puppetmaster--a good one. You may be able to see us from beyond too... and gosh, yes, I'm proud of you too. Which, I don't know if that's saying much... but I should. Because I'm going to regret if I didn't. And I've had plenty of regrets.

  3. Wow Tat that must suck.
    You did a great job! And not being able to see the result. I will be sure to make extra pics for you!


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