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Sunday, June 04, 2006


There's something about Caledon. The people are nice, friendly, civil, cultured, urbane, genial, well-mannered, intelligent and polite. Giant coal-fired robots of destruction rarely ever rampage down the paths and byways of this pleasant isle. Not every day, certainly.

Well, not more than twice a day.

Certainly never before breakfast - that wouldn't be polite.

Something about Caledon inflames my already exaggerated urbanity. I can't have a quick conversation in Caledon. I get lyrical, poetic, and mind my manners far more than is my custom.

It's nice - if a touch time-consuming.

If you like crass behaviour, rudeness and low-brow conversation, Caledon is probably not going to be your finely wrought porcelein container of steeped leaf matter.

I must come back here more often. And spend more time with the inestimable, highly-gifted, and exquisitely-attired Ordinal Malaprop.


  1. Erbo Evans12:40 PM

    I love a pleasant stroll through Caledon. It's so soothing to the eye, unlike the visually jarring appearance of many other areas of SL.

    And while I'm there, I confine myself to travel by foot; flying while visiting those environs just seems so...inappropriate. Wouldn't you agree?

    (I also wear something a little classier than my usual togs when visiting...sadly, I don't have a proper Victorian gentleman's outfit, but I wear my nice charcoal-gray suit and hope that the inhabitants will take the attempt for the deed.)

  2. Shockwave Plasma1:13 PM

    I would also suggest that vistors be aware that the Trolley Car has right of way.

    While I don't belive it actually accellerated towards me, I did have to jump off the path quite quickly.

    (I usually wear a Ball gown.)

  3. Caledon is wonderful. I was there not long ago and Miss Malaprop herself was kind enough to demonstrate her gun balloon for me.

    I really do prefer that kind of interaction, ultimately.

  4. Oolon Sputnik9:34 AM

    Miss Neno. Your kind words on our community are received with humble thanks.

    As a resident one is obliged, by the very rules of etiquette, to greet travellers with decorum and grace. I must confess, that sometimes the pleasantries can be, well, a tad tiring, but after some Real Life crisis or personal disaster they soon (once again) become soothing and familiar and oddly reassuring.

    We have our opium dens, our monsters, our killer trolly cars, our Machiavellian scheming villains, our dungeons, our breakfast disturbing giant mechina and fare share of bodies in the sewers. But it's true, we also have cream tea and more hat shops per sqare foot than any other sim ;-)

    Do pop in at The Mayfair Studio for a spot of tiffin and to say hello, anytime :-)


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