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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Carry on up the flexible prims

While I was out on the preview grid I was collided with from behind by a rather singular avatar. A purple tentacle beast whose flexible, diverse and manifold attributes can only be best described as *ahem* mature.

On the plus side, he was most civil and apologetic, and hastened off, a little embarassed, I think. I didn't think at the time to record his name. Certainly a lot of care, attention, detail and ... err.. love had been invested into the work.

Buy a girl a drink next time, honey, okay? ;)


  1. Sky McGann9:50 AM

    No, no, no. Remember what Betty Davis said. (paraphrased) I admit I may have seen better days, but I'm not to be had for the price of a cocktail and peanuts.


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