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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Second Life Arcana

Well, the participants are already calling this the Tatarot. All 22 Major Arcana from the traditional Tarot cards, made in Second Life. The frames and the text of each card are made outworld. The images themselves are unretouched inworld snapshots.

There's irony, and symmetry and symbolism there. It's the first real artistic effort I've done and I've revelled in the Spark that made it possible. I got the idea a few days ago, and it started me thinking in odd directions.

Rather than follow the Tarot symbolism slavishly, I've worked to generate new, though related symbolism for these. Some of them are obvious, and some rather less so :)

This images are all shrunk down for web-viewing. If you want to see them full-size, then you'll need to do so in-world. I'll post when and where you can come see them, as soon as the arrangements have been made.

The Fool - Torley Linden
The Magician - Yumi Murakami
The High Priestess - Mera Pixel

The Empress - Anshe Chung
The Emperor - Philip Linden (Philip was not available, so this image was lifted from Snapzilla for now)
The Hierophant - Squagmire Stravinksy

The Lovers - Lethe Naumova (left) and Harle Armistice (right)
The Chariot - Brace Coral
Strength - Gwyneth Llewelyn

We'll return after the break with more.


  1. OMG these are great. Brace looks so captured "in the moment" in hers--I wonder what she's saying?

    Maybe we could do captions to these too.

  2. kai Sachertorte4:42 AM

    They're all so well done!

  3. I'm absolutely blown away by this fantastic work of art. I've been far away from my own Tarot deck, and when I googled the meaning of The Chariot, the first two links I picked went into quite a lot of detail.

    Needless to say I found myself, and many aspects of both my inner and outer self - not to mention my avatar - in the descriptions.

    How Tateru knew that I fit so well as The Chariot is beyond me... she truly is The Goddess :)

    (As for what I was saying - indeed I was letting it all hang out - I think Tate captured one of my gestures that goes along with my "Yay"! Awesome.)


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