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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Second Life Arcana III

Here are the last four of our cards.

The Moon - Moon Adamant
The Sun - Maxx Mackenzie

Judgement - Shoshana Epsilon
The World - Hamlet Au

I would very much like to thank everyone who made themselves available for the photography - very few of whom actually had any idea what I was working on, but just went ahead and complied with my ridiculous requests :)

If you see these folks in-world, by all means stop and let them know what you think of their contribution. This was a collaborative effort, between the artist and the models, and many of these images would not be what they are without the collaboration of the people pictured here.

Some of these people I didn't know, had not met or spoken to, and yet they consented to contribute anyway, for the sake of a crazy resident with art in her mind.

None of this would be what it is without them. Without them, this work would not exist.

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  1. Great idea. Though I don't find every card perfect, that is normal. Supposedly no deck is perfect in that way. E.G. magician needed a basic wooden .5 meters wide box prim somewhere around.
    But overall idea is one of great excercises in creativity I haven't seen in months.


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