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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Are you the Keymaster?

In case nobody's noticed, LL seems to be ramping up the web-services that are supported by more recent versions of the SL client UI. Hooray. Been looking forward to it.

The most visible service is the update to the friends online page, where you can now optionally have your online SL friends listed by their profile pic, through the magic of SL web services. Granted, the images should be displayed in 4:3 instead of 1:1, otherwise they squoosh up like the opening of a Sergio Leone western.

Mind you, you the web service exposes the key of the friend. Now I'd like you to think about that for a second....and then not panic. Stop it! Right now! There. Now take a deep breath. And another. Okay. Better.

Because there isn't any reason to panic or freak out. If someone wants your database key, they can have it. Get within 100metres of any scripter, or scripter's object, or talk within 20 metres of one, and they've got it. Or touch any scripted object, or spend any cash. Or let anyone within 100metres or so of any object you've rezzed.

Keys by the dozen! Keys by the thousand! Keys for all occasions!

So listen up to Momma Tat: Don't worry about it. Upcoming second-life web-services can be expected to expose more keys. Big deal. SL does that already, because that's how SL works.

Publishing those keys might be an issue. Misusing them certainly will be...but then, it always has been. Nothing changes. We just get more toys.

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