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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to 2006

Well, it's 2006. I got back on, and it felt so very very good.

Developed an information pack for volunters about Help Island. I've been orienting new volunteers and new-to-Help-Island volunteers. So far, well-received. Now all we need is another one introducing Help Island for the newbies. So you've got something ready when they ask about the place. What is it? What do I do here? This project is well-in-hand. One of the volunteers, well, volunteered to produce it.

Volunteer resources hit a reasonable balance over the extended stretched-across-all-the-timezones-of-the-world New Year's Eve+Day. Fewer newbies coming in, but most of our volunteers were doing some well-deserved partying both IRL and in-world. A good time has been being had by all.

Welcome to 2006. It's warmer than I expected.


  1. Great, I'm a Professor at the London Metropolitan University in London, England. and the case study today is all about www.nextlife.com....so was able to demonstrate parts of it in class today...BUT I'm not yet a resident...My question is how international are the residents of next life...are they mostly all Americans...my students come from 110 countries of the world....thank you

    David Holmberg

  2. And it's not 7:50 AM, in London it's 3:50 pm..., Tuesday, 14 March, 2006

    David Holmberg


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