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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Resident intake continues apace. It's actually quite busy on that front at the moment, though it's lumpy. It'll be dead for a while, then you get swamped with half a dozen at once.

We've got quite a mix of people coming through, but most of them have one thing in common. Very few of them read or heard anything about SL recently. These are folks - like me - who have been aware of SL for some time, and finally found some reason or time to give it a go.

These folks form an interesting crowd, since they've already formed an opinion of SL, by not actually ever seeing it. They are already possessed of fairly strong, if not well-formed opinions at the outset. Some are positive opinions, but most of them aren't a good reflection of what SL is. Whatever the heck SL actually is.

In some cases, it's great watching their faces light up and realising how much cooler SL is than they thought. Others though look around, and whatever it is they see confirm whatever opinion they already had, and they're gone after a short time.

What is to be done? I'm not sure how we can catch the latter group. Would they be happy if we did find a way? Or not?

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