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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Making progress

Well, we're making progress. More volunteers are actually coming out to the island. People are making an effort to call for replacements when they leave.

Some folks just don't mind leaving the island unattended, even though there is never any shortage of volunteers willing to attend, regardless of how busy or quiet the island might be. You don't need to put in a lot of time. Five hours or five minutes. Just make sure you call for a replacement to mind the island if you're the last one out.

Some of the volunteers complain whenever they hear the island mentioned, grumbling that they refuse to attend unless they are paid to attend, and harshly criticising the rest of us for turning up. *sigh* Not the point, folks. Yes, you should not volunteer if you don't want to volunteer, but don't just sit there and insult the rest of us because we choose to spend some time there. Our presence there is not a calculated insult.

Some of the volunteers just don't know anything about HI. They don't attend the meetings (often timezone issues), don't read the forums (who can blame them, really?), and don't really know where it is or what it's all about.

If we can just get a little closer to 24x7 coverage of the Island, then I'd be okay to call it a success. Right now, though, it depends on a small, core group of volunteers to keep it ticking over. Thankfully, as I suggested, that small group is starting to expand.

Once it does, perhaps I can squeeze a little more time out on the grid. Starting to feel a little out-of-touch with current events.

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