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Friday, November 11, 2005

Police Blotter - Theft of the Ahern WA

Note to self. Stop stealing the Ahern WA.

One day, I floated up to help a newbie who was hovering above the WA, and had some dressing problems. I was quickly joined by another newbie, then another couple, then one of the WA regulars. It wasn't long before there wasn't a toe on the ground there. The whole WA was still up in the air hours later when I left.

So...some days when the lag and audio spam is at it's worst, I'll park in one of the WA's radial pavilions, and handle the newbies there. Then the crowd starts to grow, and the WA starts to empty. There's some sort of critical mass thing, involved. Curious people come down just to see what's going on....which really isn't anything more interesting than me mentoring some newbies or a mentor (or both).

But the more folks who turn up, even out of idle curiosity, the more that come.

We forestalled that somewhat last night, by taking our party on the road.

A quick trip to the Morris build area, some prefabricated flooring that I have handy, and everyone contributing some toys and decorations, and we had ourselves a decent party going on.

Quite a few newbies rolled in during the couple hours we were going. There was much chatting, demonstrations, and general socialising and fun.

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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Hah! By all means, keep "stealing" the WA. It's better than having newbies constantly surrounded by all the gesture-spamming and sound-spamming "regulars".


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