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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Help Island - Beta

Glorious. Wonderful. Amazing.

Being able to sit down and work through an orientation without interruptions, silly-buggers, people moving vendors into your face, or getting shot in the head, shoved or pushed. Without having your newbie's questions lost in the noise.

To be able to give people the time they deserve. Because they are people deserving of our respect and time and care.

It's mostly quiet there at the moment, but I've already been through a busy patch, and when bedtime hit, it was nice to be able to hand off the last half hour or so of question and answer to a trusted Mentor.

So far, my limited experience there has been great. Of course there's plenty of newbies not getting there, but still. It's just such a nice environment to work in.

Now all we need is a little decor and architecture.

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  1. Adam Linden8:52 PM

    Your passion for helping is admirable, and you seem to care genuinely for what Second life can be to those who are just venturing into our world for the first time. Thank you for your involvement.
    What do you feel like Help island needs in regards to architecture, or to liven it up a bit?

    A Linden:)


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