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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I see grey people. Everywhere!

Well, things could be better. Looks like there's a nasty cache-invalidation bug dealing with textures (and apparently also geometry). Things go into the cache and then they get removed. All in all pretty ugly. It's not something that appeared to happen on the preview grid.

Apparently LL are hammering on another update, which suggests they've either found the cause of the problem, or have figured out some sort of workaround.

Taught my rudiments-of-building class today. I do so love passing on the basics. Nothing will eliminate the need for persistence and practice, but the important thing is to have a foundation for it.

Not sure how the Osgeld's all-new NCI Show&Tell worked out. It's in the old time-slot, which means I generally have to be on the move to work right around the time it starts. Hope it went well. Osgeld seems to be a good egg.

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